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FortiAnalyzer VM dropping network connection randomly

I am currently have a challenge after successfully importing the FortiAnalyzer (v5) ovf into our vShpere 5.5 enviroment. After setting up the IP I am able to connect to the GUI but at random interval my connection to the GUI drops. When I perform a ping from within the VM to our default gateway I can also notice how the connection drops randomly for period (roughly a minute) before coming back up.


I checked that the IP is not being used and also tried disabling the other virtual network adapters or/and using a different virtual NIC. We have zero network issues in our virtual infrastructure and run a Linux virtual machines, Windows virtual machines and with different virtual hardware setup. 


I am about to try add a NIC with a different driver (other than the VMXNET3) but I believe that would not be recommended due to performance concerns. 


Any other suggestions?

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Hi ,


Same issue on my side, did you find any workaround ? thanks for sharing .

Nowolf , Fortinet Guru -_-
Nowolf , Fortinet Guru -_-

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