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FortiAnalyzer Error at booting

Hello guys,


just installed the FortiAnalyzer via KVM and realized everytime I am starting the analyzer this errors pops up:

"Can not create query, nCfg_init_all, system, ha-scheduled-check"


Does anybody know what exactly this means? Can't find any solutions via searching on the internet or fortinet documents


Thank you for your help!

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This could be because of disk issues or corrupt SQL DB. 


Step-1: Perform "File System Check" using the below syntax.
# diagnose system fsck harddisk
if above does not fix then you can try rebuild DB. 
Step-2: Rebuild the SQL database rebuild.

execute sql-local rebuild-db  

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Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe

While FortiWeb is booting up, hardware and firmware components must be present and functional, or startup will fail. Depending on the degree of failure, FortiWeb may appear to be partially functional. You may notice that you cannot connect at all. If you can connect, you may notice that features such as reports and anti-defacement do not work. If you have enabled logging to an external location such as a Syslog server or FortiAnalyzer, or to memory, you should notice this log message:

log disk not mounted

Depending on the cause of failure, you may be able to fix the problem.



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