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[FortiAnalyzer]Device user and password settings

In the device edit section, there is a place to enter the FortiGate user and password.

Why is this item needed?

The OS of FortiAnalyzer is v6.0.8.

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If you right click on a device, you can open a connection to the device. That's what you need credentials for. Just for logging you don't need credentials, an acknowledgement will suffice.


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Thank you for answering


After setting the user and password, FortiGate now shows unknown logs.



Message meets Alert condition date =****-**-** time = **: **: ** devname =**** devid = ********** logid = "0100032001" type = "event" subtype = "system" level = "information" vd = "root" eventtime = ********** logdesc = "Admin login successful" sn = "**********" user = "admin" ui = "https (" method = "https" srcip = dstip = action = "login" status = "success" reason = "none" profile = "super_admin" msg = "Administrator admin logged in successfully from https ("



Login from loopback address


Is this because FortiAnalyzer is automatically trying to log in using the user and password I set?

Why does it behave like this?

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we have some response for this "anomaly"?