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FortiAP/Wifi Controller: Make Groups Useful!


Why don't we make AP Groups useful?


Right now, all settings for an AP, that we don't override onn the AP itself, can only be set on the Operation Profile.


It would be very cool, if AP Groups could override stuff like SSID's assigned, LED Usage and maybe other settings.

That way, it would be possible to set Radio configurations on the Operation Profile along with standard SSID's, and then override SSID's in areas of a few AP's that either should have less SSID's or maybe one added.
It would also be possible to have LED's disabled in general, but enable it for troubleshooting on maybe one floor in the building.

There might be other useful examples, this is just a few.. right now, Groups do nothig, exept 'lock' the AP's from deletion due to referencing them.


#staff: Do you alredy have Feature Requests on this, or should I file one?

Jakob Peterhänsel,
IT System Admin,
Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK
Jakob Peterhänsel,IT System Admin,Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK

Hi @Jakob-AHHG,


I'm not aware of NFR for this feature. However, you can just create a different FortiAP profiles for FortiAPs in different groups.



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