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FortiAP U231F Problems

I have a few u231fs, they were switched to the fortinet boot option, and then hooked up to my fortigate. I am seeing them in my AP list, but theyre showing as offline and on LAN. Power and LAN1 are blinking together, green and orange.

does anyone know what this is doing? they dont appear to want to use their assigned profiles or broadcast ssids at all.

omegle xender

Did you preauthorized or it did show in FGT than you authorize it?

The steps and light meaning are explained in the Quick Start Guide:

LAN1 and LAN 2:
Blinking Green: Data Tx/Rx at 1Gbps
Blinking Orange: Data Tx/Rx at 100Mbps   <-- check the cable

Blinking Green: Booting Up or Upgrading Firmware. <-- wait for the new firmware to be applied, don't disconnect the AP.
Orange: Wireless controller found and the device is not managed.


- Emirjon
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