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FortiAP - Number Required

Moving to a new building. Currently have 2 each FAP-221C WAP's. The new building is larger than the current building. The new building is single story and is almost square. It is 83' by 81'. The square footage is about 6,723'. There are a fair number of walls that look to be sheet rock. There are not may other obstructions like glass, metal, or brick. I presume that the additional FortiAP's would be FAP-221E. There will likely be about 50 users in the building. Usage should be light to moderate, many of the network connections will be wired connections. Any idea concerning how to determine the number of additional WAP's that should be added to the current 2 that will move to the new location?



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I assume the number of users/devices wouldn't change from the current office. Then the rest is just area coverage, which nobody else can tell but you. But even you wouldn't know how bad the coverage at a new closed conf room that might need an additional AP. I would tell whoever has the wallet for purchase "we might need to add extra once we moved into the new building and test how WiFi coverage look like." But 3 APs sounds enough for 7,000 sqf.


Good point. Thanks!