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FortiAP FAP-221E

Need to install a wireless access point for use with a FortiGate 50E in a relatively small office. Will be used by about 10 people. Is the FortiAP FAP-221E a good option? Is it reliable? Is there a better option for this type of application?



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We haven't migrated our office from 221B+221C to 221E(2x2 MU-MIMO/Wave 2) yet. But if it's a regular wide-open office for 10 people I would say it's the first option anybody would consider.  Based on our experiences with 221B+221C, the reliability is actually dictated by wifi controller (FortiGate) software side. We've experienced relatively short down time time to time (months apart) but we have some evidence it's not on FAP side.

Only concern is if there are some closed offices and only one AP is installed at the center of open area, the users in the closed offices might have weak signal problems on 5GHz when they close the doors.


Thanks. Assuming a FAP is configured to provide both 5GHz and 2.4GHz on one one SSID, will the iPhone or Android switch from 2.4 to 5 if the door is closed / signal is weak?
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That I don't know. It's completely up to the smartphones. We intentionally set different SSIDs for 5G and 2.4G and let users to choose. 2.4GHz is so crowded in our office (lots of rogue SSIDs at all channels from nieghbors) so generally doesn't work well.



Hello everybody,


I'm new in FortiAP but I have already used Fortigate firewall till now.

Now I have to Install 2 fortiAP 221E with one Fortigate 50E?do we need additionnal licence if we want to manage the 2 AP with our fortigate?

Thank you.

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It's a standard feature. I don't remember wireless-controller was enabled by default but likely you don't have to touch. Check with below command:


xxx-fg1 # config sys global

xxx-fg1 (global) # get | grep wireless gui-wireless-opensecurity: disable wireless-controller : enable wireless-controller-port: 5246

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