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FortiAP Connectivity Issue

I'm losing my mind... could really use some help (please)!


I'm Running a Fortiwifi 61e (with the onboard WIFI disabled)

Connected to it is a FortiAP-41e, via a F108 POE

Running 6.2 Firmware


Everything's been working great. No major firmware updates or changes within the last few months.


Today, i disconnected the AP though (needed the wifi completely off for a while), after reconnecting the AP I noticed that the "wifi didn't come back up".


The AP showed up as 'disconnected' in the gui.


I powercycled everything, but no joy.


I ended up deleting the AP from the config and factory resetting it - no joy.


Just in case the AP somehow got fried when i disconnected it, I spun up a second AP and encountered the same results.


To rule out the switch i have the second AP connected directly to the firewall, powered by a PoE injector.


I'm seeing the same results with both APs:


They showed up on the Managed FortiAPs page, needing authorization - I authorized them.


Now in the GUI they flip flop between "connecting" and "disconnected".


If i drill down to the logs for either AP, i see a bunch of ap-join events and ap-leave events. The ap-leave events have a reason of "na".


Can anyone help me, please??


Thanks in advance,


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It looks like 10 more minutes of searching would have returned an answer - i just found this other forum topic:


It looks like the management network(s) of the APs needs to be in trusted hosts... That was one change, i made months ago. I guess i don't understand why the AP was operating for so long without issue.

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