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FortiAP 421E vlan problem

I have successfully completed the VLAN configuration on my FortiGate F100E device with a manageable Netgear switch, and devices connected to the Netgear ports are obtaining IP addresses without any issues. However, I would like to use three out of my six FortiAP devices with VLAN and the other three without VLAN. How can this be achieved?


Hi @Serdark54,

You can use tunnel mode SSID for without VLAN traffic and bridge mode to tag VLAN. Please refer to this document for more information "


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Hi, link is dont work


Since you are using a managed switch to connect the APs it's always recommended to use a dedicated VLAN for AP management. It's more secure (management traffic don't mix with user's traffic) and it's easy to troubleshoot in case of problems. For WiFi user's traffic you can than choose to bridge the traffic to the switch port or tunnel it to the WLC/FGT.

Since you have FGT and FAP, using tunnel mode SSIDs is the recommended way since it removes the need of spanning WiFi user's VLANs across the switches and it's easy to configure and troubleshoot.

- Emirjon
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FortiAPs were connected to the vlan structure on the Netgear gs724tpv2 managed switch and the ssids were put in tunnel mode, but they still could not receive IP. Since the company was at work, I reset the switch to factory settings and used it without vlan. I'm thinking of doing this again this weekend. I would appreciate it if you could share the guide as a video.


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