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FortiAP 221E memory usage different between htop and cw_diag sys-performance


we have a problem with our FortiAPs 221E on one site.
We have there 4 APs and on each of the 4 APs the memory usage is above 70% (sometimes 71 or 72 or 75).

If I do a htop command on the AP I can see that only round about 50% of the memory is used but if I do a cw_diag sys-performance it shows me the value above 70%.

It is also very interesting that the above 70% value is not the whole day. Sometimes (mostly in the afternoon) it is below 70% but no matter if there are only 2 people connected or if there are 7 people connected to the accesspoint.

Any ideas how I can find out which process is consuming the memory or what could be the cause of the problem?

Thank you.

Best regards


I checked in a FAP-421E (~ 6 clients) and the status looks similar:

FortiAP-421E # cw_diag sys-performance

Memory Usage: 73%


FortiAP-421E # htop

Mem[||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 111/207MB]

Swp[                                                      0/0MB]


Are you facing any issue with these APs? Having this memory usage value is not an indication that something is wrong with the AP, if there is high CPU usage maybe that need to be investigated.

- Emirjon
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