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FortiAP 221E- antenna-defect-detected (AP thepadwifi radio 1 antenna defect detected at 2)

Hi everyone,


I have a FortiAP 221E which is showing small numbers of "antenna defect detected  (AP wifi radio 1 antenna defect detected at 2)" warnings. They seem to occur in small groups (3 to 5 at a time) perhaps a couple of times a day.


Generally the AP seems to be working reasonably well-although possibly coverage maybe down a bit (which would be consistent with an antenna issue I supposed). But the nature and distribution of the warnings seems suspicious to me.


I guess it is possible this is a genuine hardware defect- in which case I can raise an RMA case and get it swapped.


I can also raise a support case to investigate further.


But before I take either step I thought I'd check if anyone had seem similar warnings before or had other thoughts about what the cause may be.


Both the Fortigate controlling it and the FortiAP are running 6.4.2 and seem to be stable in all other regards.


Any thoughts?


Kind Regards,





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