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FortiADC - switching between client ssl profiles

Hi. We are migrating from Citrix Netscaler to FortiADC. On the netscaler we had client authentication ssl profile depending on which URL the client accessed, and being able to switch between them depending on what the accessed.

How do we change Client SSL profiles dynamically using the FortiADC scripting ?

Is there a list of internal referenced functions that can be used in the Scripts ? ie. LB::, SSL:: VS::.. 

On F5 you can do something like this:


if {[HTTP::uri] starts_with "/uri1" || [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/uri2"} {
if {not [matchclass [IP::remote_addr] equals NOCERT_IP_LIST]} {
SSL::session invalidate
SSL::authenticate always
SSL::authenticate depth 9
SSL::cert mode require
set cmd "SSL::profile /Common/require_clientssl"
eval $cmd
event disable all

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