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Forti-Analyzer : SSL Error with D & E Series Fortigate

Hi There, 


I have a Forti-Analyzer hosted in azure running V7.4.1 most the D series and some E series firewalls are not able to connect to the FAZ and there's an SSL error generated on test and in the system logs.


I do have other models which don't have the issue, I have 58 devices in total (60E, 61F, 81F, 60F, VM64 - Azure) 


The firewalls which are having issues are on the following versions -


60D | 6.0.17 Build0528 (GA)

80E | 6.0.16 Build0505 (GA)

90D | 6.0.16 Build0505 (GA)




The error message generated in the system logs of the firewalls are as follows. 


Log Description FortiAnalyzer connection failed

Action connect
Status failure
Reason ssl_connect() failed: 1

Message Failed to connect FortiAnalyzer "IP Removed"

Log event original timestamp 1697620251
Log ID 22903
Sub Type system



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Firewall Deleted from Faz but same error. 



Screenshot 2023-10-19 111220.png


It has not re-appeared in unapproved devices or the device list. 

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