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First steps with Fortigate 40F


Hello Fortigate community. 


This is my very first post in the forum.


A few things about myself. I am a security professional with 16+ years of experience and I specialise with Cloud Security and Architecture. I work daily with AWS and Azure. 

As I am a member of a security forum in my local community, I won some months ago in a lottery a Fortigate 40F!


I am very curious to play with this little device in my living room and set it up for myself. My first problem is...cabling. My ISP delivers me Fibre Internet. As you can see in the photos bellow, the wall socket and the router don't use Ethernet cable. I can't plug the firewall's WAN socket to the wall. 

Furthermore, the router doesn't offer me a configuration option to function as a bridge. Neither it offers me a configuration option to insert custom routing rules that would force traffic through the firewall.


I don't seem to have many options so I would appreciate some help here. How could I connect my firewall to my home network? My desired outcome would be to have all my home traffic flow through the firewall. 

I understand that WiFi will require addition consideration but one step at a time.


Any help would be much appreciated.








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Do I understand this in the right manner. Your ISP doesn't provide you with a modem with a glass connection?


Hello. I suspect that a glass connection terminates somewhere in my building and continues with a coaxial for a few metres. As you can see, I have only this coaxial socket in my wall. I can have up to 1 Gbps  + TV though.


Hello Iman7,


the FortiGate offers only Ethernet (like many other routers especially in home use), you will likely need some modem that converts to RJ45 ethernet.

At home I have cable and a cable router and bridged this one to the FortiGate. The FortiGate is using this as internet connection and provides it. No need to set up bridging on the FortiGae but on the respective home router provided by the ISP. I would like to have it set up different, but the ISP does not provide any "normal" modem.

No idea how that is for you.


Best regards,




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