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Find the mode (main or aggressive) of a vpn with SNMP

Hello everyone,
During my work, I have to create alerts in zabbix. One of them gives me an alert when one of my VPN interfaces is down. A problem comes to me quickly: when I have interfaces in aggressive mode, the alert is done while the state change is normal.
Can you tell me how I can find the mode of a VPN thanks to the OID of SNMP?
I already found the FORTNET-MIB.txt but either I implement it wrong or there is something else.

Sorry for my English.


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Hi, Ben!

- Did you download the mib file from the fgt? 

fgVpnTunEntStatus OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX      INTEGER { down(1), up(2) }
    MAX-ACCESS  read-only
    STATUS      current
        "Current status of tunnel (up or down)"
    ::= { fgVpnTunEntry 20 }

 Can you use the fgVpnTunEntStatus and get correct up/down

Fortigate <3

Fortigate <3
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Hello GusTech,
I apologize in advance. I think I misspoke.

I can see the state of my firewall, what I can't see is if the firewall is in "aggressive mode" or in "main mode". I was wondering if with the MIB you can see that.

Sorry for my English.

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