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Find number of times a website is used.

Hello All.


I need to find out how many times a day that our business uses Google for searching purposes.

I've tried looking through both the FortiGate "Log and Report" and the FortiGate Cloud and cannot find what I am looking for.


Can anyone help me located the statistics for visits to certain websites?


Kind regards

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Hi, The “Analysis”, “FortiView”, “Website” section in FortiCloud shows the number of “incidents” to each website. You can look at that over any timeframe you need. Is that the sort of info you are after? The “summary report” (which can be scheduled to be emailed out daily, weekly etc) contains a “Web Usage” section which also shows the number of visits to a list of top websites. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Andy.

Hi Andy


I'm wondering if that log only tracks direct requests to navigate to a google URL or if it also counts requests from any search bars or browser searches etc.

At the end of Friday I had a look at both and and the log only showed 24 connections over a 24hr period.

I personally made more than 24 search requests but mine usually go through the browser using google as the default search provider, rather then going to google itself.


I'll see what todays results show.


Kind regards




If you're doing SSL Deep Inspection then you can view this in the Application section of FortiView. Look for Google.Search hits.

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