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Filter Groups Radius Policy

I have multiple groups on my FAC that contain LDAP users, I have the filter turned on on Radius Policies Under Groups, and selected all the groups, this works fine as they have a Radius Attribute for the SSLVPN portal that looks for remote user groups,


The FAC is limited to 10 groups, so I have now turned this filter off, so it shouldnt filter at all, and let users and groups in? but it has stopped allowing eveything when I toggle this off? why is that? I am going to have to create remote users instead of groups because of this limit.


"Remote LDAP user authentication from X.X.X.X with chained radius auth failed: user not filtered by groups"


I cant filter the user, as he is not in a group, i dont want to filter anything.. how annoyinh


FAC doesn't have a hard limit at 10 groups. The limit is calculated based on the licensing (Users / 10) as it's shown in the Release Notes, basically one group for 10 users. It seems that this FAC has license only for 100 users.

- Emirjon
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