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FVE Auto Discovery

I have an FVE 300 and have found it will not auto-discover any new handsets for over 90 mins.  After that time, they do get discovered and configuration happens quickly after.

I just can't figure out why it takes this long.  Has anyone had this happen?


The phones are 375s and they get the IP and VLAN info immediately.  They are accessible on the web portal for the phone as well, just the auto discovery via Status > Phone System > Unassigned Phone - will not see them.

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The latest MAC address for 375 phone are missing in some firmware version.

Add the 375 MAc address to the phone system


The address was in the system, still no change.


I started adding my 570 phones, they come right up.  Tried another 345, they took almost 95 mins to be discovered.

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