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FSSO strange behavior

We are using FSSO and AD groups to manage authentication and access. Device is Fortigate 80E v6.07. We noticed a strange behavior and I would like to know if this is normal behavior or not. Let's say I have the following setup:

  • 2 IPv4 policies:[ul]
  • www (regular internet access)
  • www-Restricted ( restricted internet access).[/ul]
  • An AD group called "LimitedNetAccess" is defined as a source in the www-restricted policy.
  • I have user A and user B, both members of LimitedNetAccess.
  • A workstation on the plant floor on which a windows session is opened as user A.[/ul]

    Scenario: User B uses the workstation to start a remote desktop session to his own remote computer (from inside user A session). He provides his credentials to the rdp session then closes it after he's done. What I see in the webfilter logs :(

  •  First I see entries where the source = UserA (ip_address) ; Policy = www-Restricted
  •  then it changes to source =  UserB (ip_address) ; Policy = www-Restricted
  •  then it change to (ip_address) ; Policy www[/ul]

    It stays like this for many hours in a row, meaning userA now has regular internet access. If we lock/unlock the workstation using userA credentials, then things go back to normal.


    Is this a bug ? At least, I would expect that it returns to userA without having to lock the PC...

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    It won't return to user A as there is nothing that should trigger such action. Collector Agent does not keep table of previous users on a workstation.  What might help you though is described n this KB article:


    Technical Tip: FSSO RDP logon override


    Best Regards,



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    Hi Alivo,


    thanks very much for pointing me to this KB, that will probably solve my problem !


    Best regards


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