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FORTI AP Bad Performance

Hello everybody.

 We have a Fortigate 100D (v5.2.3) connected to 6 Forti AP (all using v5.2) and during business hours we experience the worst performance ever.


We also have a 5MB Dedicated Internet Connection (Synchronous Internet Connection) working as our WAN 1.


Let me explain a little bit better. During peak business hours we have around 70 WiFi Connections (almost all of them connected using "n" type of WiFi connection), we also have around 25 PCs connected to a Switch Extreme that is connected to one of the 100D ports. And like I said before, during peak hours we get a really bad performance out of the WiFi connection. For example: a coworker might be uploading files (via SMB) to our servers and all the WiFi connections will be affected by that traffic. Meaning that user from different APs will complain saying that their connections have become slow.


I was wondering what are common techniques used to get the best out of the Forti APs WiFi connections.

We do have web filtering enabled and common sites are blocked (youtube, facebook, twitter, xxx).

The most common type of traffic for everyday operations is SMB, FTP, Oracle http.


Please help

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My 2cents:


- Update your Fortigate and FortiAP to latest 5.2 release

- Look at documentation about Broadcast packet suppression and Access Point Hand-off (

- Do not let more than 20 users per AP (unless you use the AP models 3xx)

- Convert your SSID from tunnel mode to Local Bridge. On bridge mode you will need put each AP SSID on a different VLAN (tagging the AP port on switch)

- Use different VLAN for wired and Wireless LAN users

- Use the minimum SSID as possible

- Disable some Scanning features as Spectrum Analysis

- Enable Auto TX Power Control to control the AP power. Prevent an AP interference with each other. Best signal are different of Signal quality.



Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi