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FGT60D: 5.2.7 release - go or wait?

We currently have our live 60D running 5.2.3, using: IPS (including custom signatures), flow based AV, ssl deep inspection, basic application control and SSL & IPSEC VPN tunnels for remote connectivity. Our network is a fairly simple one, with web and ftp servers held in a dmz and internal LAN clients not switched through the FGT internal interface. We don't have a FortiCloud subscription and just use the free service.


We have an identically configured 60D as a test / backup box and use a small representative test network (virtualised on an Ubuntu host) to simulate required functionality (obviously not to the same scale) - I upgraded this box to 5.2.7 and performed various functionality tests that showed no noticeable issues.


After reviewing fixed and known issues for all releases between 5.2.3 and 5.2.7 I can't see any obvious reason not to upgrade (using the published path 5.2.3 -> 5.2.5 -> 5.2.7) however I'm wary as issues only really emerge based on adoption. To add to this I'll be out of the country (and offline) for all of June, meaning that I'd want to avoid making any changes in late May as I'm the Fortigate guy at work.


So - how's the view from 5.2.7? Does anyone have it in production right now? Any issues / concerns showing up?


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In the absence of advice to the contrary, we went ahead with the move from 5.2.3 to 5.2.7 (via 5.2.5 per the upgrade path documentation) yesterday.

The only bump in the road was that 5.2.5 wasn't available to upgrade to through the 'Available Updates' list in the GUI and had to be downloaded to a workstation and then uploaded to the box.


So far no issues - I'll post back if we hit anything.

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Installed 5.2.7 on some units (from 40c, 60d, 70d and 80c) no big issue.

In any case, better than previus 5.2.x



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we have issue with IPS. It is not working as expected, So I recommend for you wait 5.2.8

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No problems here with   5.2.7, runs great nothing seriously found or broke YMMV




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IPS Engine issues with Chrome and SSL Deep Inspection: 


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