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[FG100e - 6.4.4]SSL/SSH Inspection issue Youtube, Vimeo


When I tyr to acces: youtube, vimeo I get:



Subject: *

Issuer: ESET SSL Filter CA

Expires on: 31 mar 2021

Current date: 2 mar 2021


trusted root certificate authorities: installed


FGT Firmware: 6.4.4

It doesn't matter if I choose: SSL Certificate or Full SSL Inspection.

I have downloaded .crt from Fortigate and installed on PC - this didn't helped.

After almost 4 days - I gave up...



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I'd suggest:

  • Enable port 443 inspection in Protocol MApping
  • Server certificate SNI check - Enable
  • Blocked certificates: Block
  • Log SSL anomalies: On (for debug)[/ol]


    Also, are you trying to Allow or Block Youtube in WebFIltering ? As if you try to block Youtube ib Rules, this can be seen as you are being redirected to Fortinet Block page. 


    In addition, the certificate error seems to come not from Operating system, but from ESET antivirus, have you investigated this, e.g.  ?


  • Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
    Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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    No change. In eset I've disabled SSL check:

    Only change:



    Subject: *

    Issuer: FG100FTK20028697

    Expires on: 31 mar 2021

    Current date: 4 mar 2021



    Streaming and media added to exception, web filter allow all....


    Serial number of site is different than one used on fortigate... WHY?! This wrong serial number is not visible on my Windows machine!



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