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FG Dial In > FG (HQ) < EdgeRouter

Hi all,


I have a situation where I need to do a dial in VPN from a FG50E (WAN is 4G) to an EdgeRouter, however i am unable to configure the EdgeRouter and dont have sufficient time to play with it.


I have a VPN from the EdgeRouter to a FG in a DataCentre, and am wanting to setup dial in VPN from 50E to the datacentre in order to get to the EdgeRouter. Is this possible?


I have dial in FG > datacentre FG working

I have datacentre FG > Edgerouter working


I just need to access the edgerouter from the dial in FG


Hi MattJauja


Yes, you can do dialup VPN between 50E and HQ and then access edge router.
But even for that some config changes will be required in vpn configured between HQ and edge router
Both the device should have the client (dialup subnet) subnet in phase2 config of VPN and respective routing and policy config



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