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Description This article explains how to block access to some Google accounts and services while allowing access to accounts in the domains in the exception list. Note:The device should be in 'Proxy-based' Inspection mode. SSL (Deep) Inspection is Ma...
Description This article describes how to check the Internet Service Database for specific IP addresses.Solution Below is the command that can be used to search ISDB for specific IP addresses: diagnose internet-service match Example: diagnose inte...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure per-VDOM administrator accounts to only allow administrative access to specific VDOMs. For example per-VDOM administrators will allow both Company A and Company B to manage their respective VDOMs wit...
DescriptionThis article describes how in FortiOS v6 onwards security Profiles can be configured globally across multiple VDOMs, some or all profiles may be commonly-shared across VDOMSSolutionGlobal profiles are configured under Global > Security Pro...
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