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FG 80E Issues with static routing

Hello, I'm trying to configure my FortiGate 80E as a router with static routing, but I'm having issues that I can't understand.


This is my current config:

Port4 has IP

Port2 has IP

In port2 I have a host with and in port4 one host with

From I have succesful pings with


From I have succesful pings with


But I can't connect each other. I can't ping from to or and I don't know why. Both subnets are directly connected to FortiGate


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The "diag debug flow" is your friend. I would run that and verify the 1> fwpolicy 2> if nat is not not talking place 3> the route


Sounds like fwpolicy or lack of proper default-gateway on the two hosts. You can do a ping and monitor form the cli also to see what is happen


   diag sniffer packet any "host and" 4


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Have you setup policies to allow traffic?


This is obviously not a routing issue on the Fortigate. The FGt does have routes because it has interfaces in that subnets.


This can have the following reasons:

 - the PCs don't have the FGt als default gw - in this case THEY need to have static routes

 - you don't have a policy or policies to alow the trafic between those two ports and subnets in all required directions - in this case you will always match Policy #0 which means implicit deny. This is default behaviour of all FGT.


As Ken wrote you could check this on the FGT with diag debug flow. If the traffic reaches the FGT you will see what happens to it on the FGT in Flow Debug.



"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams
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If i'm right, you need 2 firewall policies: from port4 source to port2 destination

and vise versa.


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