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FG-60F Performance Questions

My FG-60F appliance is version 7.2, and I ran Threat Protection Throughput performance tests on it using the IXIA tester.


The FG-60F is configured with application control, IPS, and antivirus function enabled. The traffic model of the tester IXia is Enterprise MIX. The BPS Level 5 attack is used as the background. All attacks must be detected.


The throughput is 300 Mbit/s, which is far lower than 700 Mbit/s of the FG-60F publicize .


Why is this? Is it because which switches on the device are not turned on? Or is it a problem with the tester configuration?


If you can, please provide the standard FG-60F configuration, as well as the tester configuration.


Hi @YaoMing,


Are you performing the test locally or from the Internet? If you are simulating attacks on the FortiGate, it can overload or reduce performance. 


It also depends on your FortiGate configuration. DDOS policy is an example:



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I performed the test locally by IXIA load tester. The tester's configuration is as follow:



The numbers on datasheet was done on lab environment and those are only a benchmark of what the hardware could possibly handle.

But I believe only Fortigate product team know exactly how the test was done.


For any capacity planning enquiries, I would suggest to reach out to Fortinet Sales team. They're usually the one that do PoC with customer. So they may have better assist you on this query.

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