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Exchange behind 80c

I am in the processing of configuring my 80c. I have been reading through a lot of forum posts and other reading material. I know i have to: 1. Set up VIP from my public IP to the exchange server IP. with no port forwarding setup in the VIP. 2. Set up a policy that accepts all connections then maps the IP to the exchange server and this is where I add in the ports. So, I have a couple questions. BTW I am using firmware 5.0 patch 7. First off, when they say to map your public IP, would the be my " Whatsmyip" IP or would that be my public facing IP? Secondly, could I add in HTTP(S) along with the SMTP into the same policy, or would/should it be better in separate policies? Thanks
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Hi Skyer, - Its your Public IP facing Internet. - You can use the same policy, there is no (IMHO) need to use another one. This way you preserve an order on your ruleset, and don' t adds another item to be processed. Remember that the firewall reads the policies one by one from the top to the bottom. I hope my answer helps you Regards. Jav.
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Thanks! Email is now flowing.
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