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Evaluation License vs. 60-day Full Trial License

Hey guys, I'm trying to learn Fortinet for a new deployment we are doing and I'm kind of frustrated with the evaluation license model. I find the free trial license anyone can get to be restrictive to the point of being useless. 3 interfaces? Can't do mgmt, inside, outside, and dmz? Really? 3 ROUTES maximum? Come on. I don't see how a single firewall with such restrictions will allow anyone to really learn the platform. I guess I should make 4 fake Fortinet accounts? I'm trying to follow Keith Barker's CBT nuggets class and the new free trial doesn't allow me the same functionality that he has in the class lab (i.e. the GUI is locked without a license, unless I'm missing something).

On the other hand, my team was given 4x 60-day full trial VM licenses. That's cool but there's several off us who would like to home lab these separately to learn the platform. We need more like 12. And besides we don't really need full licenses, we just want to deploy these in EVE-NG and mess around.

I guess my question is....can multiple people uses the 60-day trials at the same time? Or can they be reused by another person once one person is done labbing with them at home? I don't want to burn them all on my personal lab while others get left out. What are my options here? Why all the restrictions anyway?

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I have been able to reuse the license on a new VM when doing labs in GNS3 and have not had any issues yet.

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