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Enable 5GHz wifi profile

We currently have a single wifi profile which is running on 2.4 GHz and need to enable the 5GHz spectrum. Setup all which I believe is needed but are not getting IP address for clients which connect to the new 5GHz profile. I assume I am missing a step. Any known article related to added an additional profile instead of editing existing and I would prefer to have two seperate SSID's so I can more easily identify which users are connected to which profile.


Hello Eric,


What model FortiWiFi are you currently using ? What is the FortiWifi OS Version ? 


Here is a sample profile configuration you can use for broadcasting an SSID in 5GHz Band.


config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit "11n-only"================> default profile  config platform set type FWF end set handoff-sta-thresh 30 config radio-1 set band 802.11ac set channel-utilization disable set vap-all disable set vaps "NPI-TL-7" set channel "36" "40" "44" "48" "149" "153" "157" "161" "165" end


FWF61E-V62 # diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c ws ==========> Verify the Local Radio Status -------------------------------WTP SESSION 1---------------------------- WTP session : 0- CWAS_RUN Ctrl in_ifIdx : 19/root indev : 19/root Data in_ifIdx : 19/root indev : 0/ mesh uplink : ethernet id : FWF61E-WIFI0 mgmt_vlanid : 0 wtp_wanlan_mode : wan-only refcnt : 9 deleted : no plain_ctl : disabled wtp-mode : normal data-chan-sec : clear-text ctl-msg-offload : ac=00ff/wtp_loc=00ff/wtp_rem=0000/oper=0000 session_id : 8a76dab8148bdcca7026ea3f79d9075b ehapd cfg : done message queue : 0/128 max 11 tId_10_sec : 2434513 Ekahau : disabled Aeroscout : disabled FortiPresence : disabled Radio 1 : AP wlan cfg : NPI-TL-7 vap-01(1) : NPI-TL-7 90:6c:ac:d4:ca:92 lsw NPI-TL-Open Config success State RUN Radio 2 : Not Exist Radio 3 : Not Exist Radio 4 : Not Exist Radio 5 : Not Exist -------------------------------Total 1 WTP SESSIONs----------------------------


FWF61E-V62 # diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c sta======> Connected Client Status -------------------------------STA 1---------------------------- STA mac : d6:d7:9a:5a:db:25 authed : yes wtp : 0- rId : 0 aId : 1 wId : 0 bssid : 90:6c:ac:d4:ca:92 cap : 0001 VLAN tag : 0000 (0) ACL deny cnt : 0 802.11kvr : -------------------------------Total 1 STAs----------------------------






Thanks for the reply. We are running the FortiWiFi 60E with V.6.0.5 0268


Hello Eric,


FortiWiFi60E does not have Dual Radio. Hence you can operate at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz Band.


Please follow the configuration as above and see if it works. 



Well, that answers part of my question! I will continue to run at 2.4GHz for now to ensure stability with the limited clients I have and then make the change once I am sure all my devices are within range and compatible.


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