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EasyMesh AP devices can't mesh if connect directly to LAN port of Fortigate 92D

Hello everyone!

I looking for help for a case,

I have Fortigate 92D and interfaces created successfully and it also be router, firewall andDHCP server.

I have some  ZTE Wifi AP devices support for EasyMesh.

I have an issue with that APs when connect them to same interface in Fortigate that mesh function via wired cable will not works, but if I put a Switch between Fortigate and APs  everything work fine.


EasyMesh not work: Internet ----> Fortigate 92D ----[LAN cable]---> APs

EasyMesh work:       Internet ----> Fortigate 92D ----[LAN cable]---> Switch ----[LAN cable]---> APs


Fortigate 92D is great device for Home because it has a lot of LAN ports so put a Switch to help APs functioning is not a good setup.


Thank you!


Hello Jamie

  • What do you mean exactly by not working? Do you lean the interface LED unlit, or no ping, or AP off, ...?
  • Is the AP PoE? Is the switch PoE?


There AP are not PoE and switch is L2 and not PoE.

In roaming mode. 1 AP will be setup as controller and it connected Lan-Lan with Fortigate 92D.

other AP will be setup as agent and it connected Wan-LAN with Fortigate 92D.

In controller I setup everything ex: SSIDs, password, radio (5G, 2,4G),... If everything fine, all agent will get that config automatically and LED indicate as blue, if not found any controller the LED will be red.

In my case of EasyMesh not work all AP agent LED are red and I cannot use wifi from AP agents.

If I push add switch as case EasyMesh works all agent LED are blue and I can use internet and wifi normally.

P/S: I tried to add some setup in fortigate related to broadcast but no luck.


Hope above explant help you clear understand my issue.




Hi Jamie

In case the agent APs connect to master AP via wired connection and using broadcast for discovery, then you may try to configure the related FortiGate interfaces as hardware switch (or software switch). Hope this helps.

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