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EMS - how to change Endpoint localization from Workgroup to Domain Group


sometimes when my EMS not sync with AD (minimum interval in EMS is 60 minutes) and I install on new computer FCT connected to EMS, FCT is  assigned to Workgroup instead in Domain Group.

I know it is because new record (of computer) in AD not sync with EMS and it put it in EMS Workgroup.

Is there any simple way to move it to Domain Group ( when my AD is connected and all computers are there) when is was assign to wrong group in Endpoints Tab?

I notice I can only move it between groups in Workgroup directory.

I know reinstall FCT on computer solve problem but maybe there is easy way?

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Hello pieciaq, 


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Raja- Fortinet Community Team 


Hi Pieciaq, 


Which version are you using? Either way could you please try manually unregister the client in the EMS mark it as uninstalled and proceed to delete the device.


In the client itself use FCTRemoveID.exe to generate a new ID, register back to EMS and verify in which group it'll be.


You can download the FCTRemoveID tool (Windows only) from our Support website here:


Simply navigate to the relevant version of FortiClient and download the FortiClientTools package. Inside you will have a folder name "supportutils", the tool will be stored in it.


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Pedro Valente