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EMS 6.4.3 shows Endpoint Policy Out-of-Sync

After update to EMS 6.4.3/FortiClient 6.4.1 all of our endpoints show Policy Out-of-Sync.


Everything else looks as normal as usual.  I guess I'm concerned, but dunno if I should be, as things are "working".


We have TAC looking into this, but has anyone else experienced this issue?


I have searched the SQLServer database looking for a clue, I can't find any enumerated list or column in a table that indicates policy sync status...what am I missing?

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Me, but maybe not the same :)

Do you have a solution for this problem? I have a simlilar problem, but we have setup a new instance from FortiClient EMS 7.0.2. On the most client it works and the clients are synced corrcectly. But on some server installations they are out of sync.

Or do you have some clues where I can find aome usefull logs?

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I have 10% of my clients Out-Of-Sync (FortiCloud EMS 7.0.7 build 0398) Not imported from FortiGate or FortiManager. Is there any way to change sync intervall or do a manuall sync? I can not find information on this anywhere

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