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After update to EMS 6.4.3/FortiClient 6.4.1 all of our endpoints show Policy Out-of-Sync. Everything else looks as normal as usual. I guess I'm concerned, but dunno if I should be, as things are "working". We have TAC looking into this, but has anyon...
It seems that a session profile that has Sender Validation enabled with domain key check enabled 'rejects' messages before the black-list kicks in (i have black-list action set to discard). This seemingly makes it impossible to 'discard' emails that ...
There are 4 or so different shades of gray.  What do the shades denote? 
I am having an issue allowing Knoweb4 phishing test emails through Fortimail All of the proper IP's and email addresses for Knoweb4 are whitelisted, but Knowb4 seems to use a benign virus signature and Fortimail continues to quarantine the test email...
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