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Dysfunctional "Monitor Wifi Login Failures", Widget


Forte WiFi Unit User Here,

This question pertains to A Forte WiFi device, not an access point.  I don't have any access points currently.

From the admin GUI; There appears to be an option that allows a user to monitor failed WiFi Login Attempts; this appears to be available to add as a Widget, and this is monitoring option is also found in the WiFi Section of the GUI Dashboard.

The problem is, it is doesn't actually appear record any failed login attempts; which is presumably what it should be doing??

I have purposefully tried to login to the S S I D using incorrect passwords, multiple times, through multiple devices/different mac id's; yet there is zero evidence (according to the Widget) that devices have tried and failed to connect to the wireless network created by my Forte WiFi.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance for help. 


Hi @User2451,


Are you able to see failed login under Log & Report > System Events > WiFi Events? 



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