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Dual WAN - Non Load Balanced on FG100D running 5.2.9

Hi Folks,


I have 2 ISP and I have just configured my 2nd WAN port and added the new static route to my routing table on the FG with a higher preference that my primary connection, at the moment I do not want to use the load balanced/fail over mode of operation but I would like to be able to do the following:


1) Send traffic down the 2nd WAN connection depending on type of traffic (eg all Windows updates / downloads)

2) Selectively choose by IP or host name those that can use the 2nd WAN connection.


I have tried to add a IPV4 policy for my machine that used the 2nd WAN as the "to" but traffic would not flow.


If if I set both static routes (for WAN 1 and 2) to the same preference then connections to the Internet would stop working, I thought this would do basic round robin type load balancing, is this not the case?


Do I have to go down the virtual wan option to get the 2nd interface in play?



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You may use policy route to define who will use the second wan, in this case you only use one default route to the wan1 and for the second route just use the policy route.(You must enable advanced rounting feature)

On release 5.4.2 you can set routes based on internet services database.




Hi Ronald,


Thank you for the information, I did try your suggestion and I keep getting "invalid ip" no matter how I try and configure the Policy Route. I have even tried it for the whole subnet and get the same error, I have followed the FG doc you listed and they produces the same result.


I will log a support call if I don't get a better result.


Try setting a lower "priority" (higher in number like 10) on the second default route (static?) toward the 2nd WAN port. It shouldn't break the connections through the default path through the first WAN port.


Hi Toshi,

Thank your help, unfortunately if I set the 2nd WAN port ahead of the first (1st set to 20 2nd set to 10) traffic just stops which is really weird. I can ping the public IP address of the 2nd interface from the Internet so I know the routing it working but no traffic seems to flow outbound via WAN2, do I need to have additional rules sets configured to allow the traffic to flow?






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