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Doubts to propagate OSPF area 0 in some interfaces.

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I have an OSPF area and several L3 switches connecting to it. Now I'm going to connect them to the Firewall. All devices are in area 0. Each devide are on one VLAN (Vlan 23 -Vlan 13 and Vlan 33).
There are going to be 3 connections, each one on a port, as the graphic shows. The OSPF routes needs to be propagates in the tree L3 Switches, like now. 


I understand that there is no problem in putting the 3 interfaces in the OSPF area, even if they are different networks, and making the OSPF traffic circulate through those Vlanes. I need all three L3 switches/networks to send and receive the same OSPF routes. Do you think there is a problem in the design that I indicate?
In the diagram there is a typo in a vlan that says 23 but it is 33. Thank you very much.




Thanks for your help ¡¡¡¡¡


If this doesn't work nothing else with OSPF would work. Not sure what your concern is. Just try/test it. I'm assuming you have currently static routes on both FGT side and SW sides. Static always wins over OSPF unless you tweak admin distance. So whatever you configure in OSPF wouldn't break your static routing. Then you can check like "get router info osfp ....." command group to see if the FGT is getting routes/LSA over OSPF. And I assume the L3 SW side should have similar commands.




Yes, I think the best way is to try it... Thanks for your help ¡

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