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Dividing VLANs in two WAN links

Today I have 2 wan links, where WAN 1 holds all VLANs traffics, and when the WAN1 fail, WAN2 is automatically activated.


I made that, setting the distance value: 10 for WAN 1 and 20 for WAN 2 and creating two policies: VLAN10,20,30,40 to WAN1 and another policy VLAN10,20,30,40 to WAN2. This is working fine.


Now I want to devide the VLANs for each WAN link by this way:


WAN1 = used by vlans 10,20 and if this link fails, automatically WAN2 assumes the traffic. WAN2 = used by vlan 30,40


So if WAN1 goes down, WAN 2 will hold all the vlans: the vlans 30 and 40 that was already being used plus the vlan 10 and 20 that is needing internet connection.


How can I make that?


Thank you!

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Any chance to make this work? 

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