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Disable ssl vpn

Hi Guys,


We are using FGT 101E  5.6.2 firmware version. I want to disable the ssl vpn setup and tried this command in cli "config vpn ssl settings set sslvpn-enable disable" however the command doesn't exist.

Thank you in advance.





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Hi Michael Pls, try this... Totally disable the SSL-VPN service (both web-mode and tunnel-mode) by applying the following CLI commands:

config vpn ssl settings unset source-interface end


Note that firewall policies tied to SSL VPN will need to be unset first for the above sequence to execute successfully.

As an example, when source-interface is "port1" and SSL VPN interface is "ssl.root", the following CLI commands would be needed to ensure "unset source-interface" executes successfully:

config vpn ssl settings config authentication-rule purge (purge all authentication-rules) end

config firewall policy delete [policy-id] (SSL VPN policy ID(s) that srcintf is "ssl.root" and dstintf is "port1") end Best,


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