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Disable Dynamic mapping

Hi All,


   Is possible to disable the dynamic mapping object feature on Fortimanager?

   I have a customer that often change object configuration directly on Fortigate and after "import policy" in Fortimager and then "re-install pollicy". 

   The problem is that after "import policy" it change the type of object from "address" to "dynamic address" and just that Fortigate that was changed is actualized on Fortimager.



Claudio Rezende


Claudio Rezende
Claudio Rezende
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Would like to have an answer here too.




mscheiber & rezendecs


Regarding the import behavior, why do you (or your customer) not want FortiManager to learn about the value of that object as learned from the FortiGate?  Are you looking to "enforce" a certain value across all FortiGates?  And is it only a for a specific object that you want to disallow the use of dynamic mapping?


I ask these questions to understand the context.  Dynamic mapping is a pretty fundamental and important port of FortiManager acting as a central management tool.  The default import behavior helps make the onboarding of a new FoirtiGate (FGT) much more straight-forward & helps ensure there is not disruption to the FGT in the process.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

I'm having the same/similar issue. 


When importing a 'new' FortiGate in the ADOM, in our case they come from another ADOM, some address groups are 'smaller' on the imported FortiGate. This then creates automatically a "Per-Device Mapping" for that group.

For us this is undesired as this means that a 'block group' is missing subnets and the 'Domain Controllers group' is missing the new Domain Controllers.

We found this on the domain controllers group as errors were reported by the AD team.


We need the option to disable the auto-creation of "Per-Device Mapping" during the import. Additionally we need to filter lists to show all objects that have a "Per-Device Mapping".

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