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Difference between Fortimail and Fortigate Email filtering

Dear all,


My understand of this topic is that Fortimail is used when we have a dedicated mail server (exchange, lotus...) for our enterprise.

Fortigate mail filtering is used to protect users from threats coming from public email servers (gmail, yahoo...)


Am I understanding well? or there is things that I have to know?


Please advise. I have to decide what solution to buy for the enterprise I am working for.


Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot Zhunissov4

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I also did not know the difference between the Fortinet and the FortiGate email filtering. By the given post I got to know about that. This is very important to know the differences by the users.

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Fortimail is a dedicated Email Security appliance which you can use for Exchange server, Office 365, Google APP or other vendors as well. This will scan your emails before delivering to users inbox and stop spams, malware to deliver to the user's mailbox. 

Fortimail is working on an advanced level as it will check authentication, RLB, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, Sandboxing etc. 


Now FortiGate email filtering with only a few options (10% of actual Mail security) and it is working between User's Mailbox and Mail Client as Outlook. But same time if it is working on an encrypted protocol then it is very difficult to scan it. 


Regards, Deepak Kumar

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The given difference between the fortimail and the fortigate can be understood by the users easily and I was unknown to this and I got to know the basic difference between to of the modules.

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