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Devices are not identified properly



I have deployed Fortigate 200F. Now... Log & Report > Forward Traffic:




Source IP - computer1 with IP .57

Device is identified as - computer2 with name ...ON

But the IP of the identified device is: 2.10 (computer3)

The system is not Android.

MAC address: does not belong to any of these computers


What's happening?

Below is a view from "Device Inventory".



 This machine is shown twice in the list. One time correctly and the other time falsely. 


Why is it added twice?

Why is it not using this first post?

How can I fix it?

I tried to delete a wrong entry, but I cannot.

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Hello @WebGregGit,


                          Thank you for using the Community Forum. I see the interface through which the device connects to the firewall is VLAN, Ideally the device detection feature works only when the downstream devices are connected to the LAN ports of the firewall directly. If there are intermediate L3/L2 devices the results wont be accurate.
For more information please go through the article below.
Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards,


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Hi @Anonymous Thank you for your answer. 


Why is vlan such a problem in device recognition for Forti? After all, I can see these devices on the network with the correct mac, ip, name.


Second question - as you can see Forti basically recognized the device as well. The problem is that it doesn't use correct recognition. I can't correct it somehow manual? Since he already has this entry, let him use it, and not the other one - the wrong one.


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