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Device Name not changing

Hi Guys, 


We have just implemented a new Fortinet network setup including FortiGate firewalls + Forti switches and FortiAPs. 


I have noticed that when going to FortiClient Monitor to see all the devices, the device name is not changing.  Our users are all connected to docking stations and no user has a fixed place and therefore they can change their seats.  


The device name is not changing as per the device that is connected to.


Have you ever encountered this?


Thanks in advance.



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Having the same issue over here. Utilizing Fortigate 100f + Edgeswitch + Unifi Access Points. 


Desktop computers, cameras, other IoT devices that do not move do not have the same issues. 


Laptops that move from LAN to Wifi or from wifi to LAN docking stations have connection issues and often get blocked by the Fortigate. I've noticed that when a user connects a different laptop to a floating docking station they grab the same IP the last client had. Instantaneously getting blocked by the Fortigate as it see's a new MAC with the same IP address? 


What Firmware are you running OP? 


I guess that you do have bellow setting causing block as IP-MAC do not match to previous auth session:
config user settings
  set auth-src-mac enable


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