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Deploy forticlient VPN with config (No EMS)



Our company is using an old version of FortiClient ( We want to migrate approximately 200 laptops to the latest version (


Actually, the VPN config is set by Windows registry entries. Is it possible to keep the VPN configuration from the windows registry ?

Otherwise, is it possible to deploy the latest version with a conf file ?


For your information, we don't have a Forticlient EMS.


Thanks for your support !

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I have found a document that can help you:


Could you please tell me if it helped?


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

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I can't seem to access this document


Hey fmco,


given that you're using a fairly old FortiClient version, I'm not sure if the registry settings can be retained, and deploying a FortiClient installation from scratch with a configuration file requires a modified installation file, which in turn relies on EMS.

However, you can technically just do a regular FortiClient installation, and prepare a config backup (.xml file), and then restore that config file to the installed FortiClient(s).

I'm really not sure if this can be done in bulk though, or if a prepared FortiClient configuration backup would need to be restored individually on each client; any guides we have for bulk deployment/configuration/upgrade of FortiClient usually relies on EMS.

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This should be doable this way:

  1. Install FortiClient VPN 7 on a Windows machine
  2. Configure FCT VPN 7 as required
  3. Run regedit and find the registry key for FortiClient (should be somewhere in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fortinet\FortiClient)
  4. Export the reg key
  5. Use GPO to deploy your new FCT 7 + reg key file on your 200 hosts