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Dark fiber


We have dark fiber lines in our two BO going back to the HQ. I'm not sure how to configure HQ and BO FortiGate's (200F and 100F) to use it.
I have DWDM SFP on both sides, same channel...
How should I configure the interface? As WAN or LAN?
There should be some encryption between sites. Should I create a site-to-site VPN?
Should I create SD-WAN as an "Inside" zone and add an interface that is in use by dark fiber?

Any help is much appreciated!



This just popped up, probably too late and you already found a solution.

'dark fiber' ~ a cable >> Probably connecting 2 locations. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Assigning IP addresses on both ends would be a start. Sure, you can add encryption (site-to-site VPN). LAN or WAN ? if you connect your BO to internet through this connection, then WAN. Otherwise LAN/DMZ. It's a label after all. Same about SDWAN. You could do that.

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