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DTLS on Mac os forticlient

i have users that are experiencing slowness on the ssl vpn.   my windows users were reporting same slowness but enabling DTLS on the windows clients has fixed the issue.   however the mac os users are still experiencing slowness.  there is no DTLS option on the mac client i can find.  i have tries exporting a config from the macs and adding the line


 to the config  but it freezes trying to import. 


any suggestions? 


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Don't know if the current forticlient supports DTLS for macOS. I would suspect no, but read the realease notes. The below blog is for FC 5.4


Ken Felix




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DTLS is not implememented on the mac version of forticlient.

I asked my SE if it was on the roadmap but he said there wasn't much call for it so it wasn't in the queue.

I thought I needed it too but now I'm using IPSec for remote users.

It's a bit more setup but not too bad once you wrap your head around it.

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If you're supporting a lot of remote workers on MacOS and would like to use DTLS to improve their user experience, please chime in on this thread. Maybe we can persuade fortinet to implement this feature.

In a nutshell, DTLS is SSLVPN over UDP and it works a lot better than TCP for high quality remote desktops like Jump Desktop / HP ZCentral etc.


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I have a dozen VPN users on macOS. Let's please have the option or at least let us know why we don't get the option. My Windows users are getting 50 down/20 up while us macOS user are getting 12 down/9 up. Help an animal out!?!?!?



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Documentation mentions that it is only available for the Windows client so I guess you're SOL.

On my part it is on the fortigate itself that it won't enable! The command works but looking at the config afterwards the DTLS tunnel enable is nowhere to be found.

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