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DNS issue


we set up two separate VLANS on our Fortigate, one for the clients and one for the servers.

The Fortigate acts as a DHCP server for the clients. The domain controllers in the server network, where the DNS role is implemented, are defined as DNS servers for the clients.

The AD DNS servers forward all requests for non-resolvable hosts / domains to the Fortigate.

As soon as the users / clients log in, they get the network drives assigned to them.

Unfortunately, users will not be able to access Internet pages with this configuration.

A policy allowing Internet access for users has been set up.

If I add another external DNS server to the clients when they log on, the users now get to the Internet, but the network drives from AD are not automatically assigned and are not accessible.


What setting is still missing so that users can get their network drives as well as access the Internet?

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Issue could be solved. DNS was reconfigured.

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Sounds like DNS is not configured properly somewhere. 


You have the FortiGate set up as a DNS server for the Server VLAN interface? Is this confirmed working? Can you resolve external DNS names from the Server VLAN using the FGT Server interface IP?


Can you show your FortiGate DNS configuration?


You could also consider using the FortiGate as the DNS server for your clients as well and have it forward queries for your internal domain towards the AD DNS servers. This would be slightly more efficient.

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Issue could be solved. DNS was reconfigured.


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