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Constantly error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN  After refreshing the page several times it is loaded. What I have done in the settings?


FortiGate 80c

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Hi Palamar,


Dns Nxdomain issue us usually happening for those who use Chrome browser. You can change the default DNS to and alternative dns to Full detailed instructions are available on Internet. Here I have a reference. This will surely help you to resolve this issue. DND PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN


The reason for DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is typically due to a misconfiguration or problem with your DNS. DNS is short for Domain Name System, which helps direct traffic on the internet by connecting domain names with actual web servers. Essentially, it takes a human-friendly request – a domain name like – and translates it into a computer-friendly server IP address – like


When a user enters a URL in their web browser, DNS gets to work to connect that URL to the IP address of the actual server. This is called DNS name resolution and involves a DNS recursor querying various nameservers to figure out the actual IP address of a server. If DNS fails to resolve the domain name or address then you might receive the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error


There are simple steps that can lead to solving these problems. It is likely that you would not require any expert help because you can perform many of these techniques by yourself. The following are some of the steps you can adopt for solving the error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN:


Alter the DNS IP address

Flushing the DNS

Restarting the DNS Client




It doesn't load on my puter any of the links, but stick 'dns_probe_finished_nxdomain' in Yahoo-gle search and open few links for explanation and fix.



I got one:

Microsoft Windows

• Open Network and Sharing Center. • Click “Change Adapter Settings”. • Find Network Connection that is used to connect to internet (either “Local Area Connection” or “Wireless Connection”), right-click on it and click Properties. • Now in new windows select “Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click Properties button. • In the new window click the checkbox for “Use the following DNS server addresses:” • Type in and Click Ok and close the rest of the windows.

If you cannot fix this error, you can contact me at the Hotmail email address. 


DNS errors are addressed in various ways. The most common way for solving the Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain issue is using Windows O/S user is via resolving cached DNS server files.

Option 1: Open up the Command Prompt window using key combinations of Windows Key+R

As soon as the terminal opens up, type ‘services.MSC’ will immediately lead to the local Services Page. Once on the page, the user will search the ‘DNS client’ option, where on a right-click, there will be an option to restart, which is to be exercised. By performing the function, the cache files in DNS names will be refreshed and the errors might be removed.

Option 2: Alternatively, depending on the Windows O/S versions, the other way involves using the command prompt to resolve the issue. All a person requires is to search “cmd” or “command” in the run tab, which will open up the DOS layout. In this interface, typing “net stop dnscache” and “net start dnscache” will do the refreshing of DNS files.


If the issue still not resolved, you can check other ways to fix it here.


"DNS Probe Finished" is an error message that can occur when a user tries to access a website and the request to access the website cannot be completed because of a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS). This error message can be caused by a variety of issues including incorrect DNS settings, problems with the user's Internet connection, or issues with the website's server. To resolve this issue, users can try troubleshooting steps such as resetting their modem or router, flushing the fix dns probe finished cache or using a different DNS server.