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hi,i need connect to strongswan server from my me please.I did not work in cli my ipsec.conf # ipsec.conf - strongSwan IPsec configuration file# basic configurationconfig setup # strictcrlpolicy=yes uniqueids = yesinclude /var/lib/stro...
Hi.Fortigate 80c,FortiOs 5.4How to connect the fortigate 80c to Openvpn server
I created Dialup - FortiClient (Windows, Mac OS, Android) to connect through the Forticlient.But in the ipsec - tunells status inactive.Why? FortiOs v5.2.11,build754
Hello,help me please.How to set up the VPN tunnel on fortigate 100a? 
hi,fortiwifi 80cm,fortiOs 5.2.10high memory usage,why? What functions should I disable?