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DHCP server assigned to multiple interfaces

Our sites follow a x.y.unique.0/24 ip scheme. We are starting to introduce fortiswitches with fortigate firewalls.

The switch is connected via the fortilink port and is assigned a 10.255.1.x IP from the DHCP server assigned to the fortilink interface. This prevents us from accessing the switch GUI.


site traffic is assigned to the interface lan.fortilink with its DHCP server handing out the site IP.


I see that multiple DHCP servers can be assigned to an interface, but I was hoping I could assign the lan.fortilink interface DHCP server to the fortilink interface.


My though process is that the switch would get an internal address and therefor the gui would be reachable.




GUI should be reachable but keep in mind it's behind the FortiLink interface and so you would need a policy to access it. This has to be done via CLI. That said, you probably don't need to access the switch GUI once its managed by the FortiGate. All VLAN and port config happens on the FortiGate now.


Regarding your DHCP servers. The FortiLink interface has a DHCP server and this is reserved for FortiSwitches only.


You create new FortiLink VLANs with your own addressing and VLAN ID assignment and DHCP server configs to service your various internal networks.


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