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DHCP option for IP Phones

dear all,


  i have one problem 

I need some help regarding DHCP  for IP Phone ,

Yesterday we deployment Fortinet 100D .

They have 3 network and using Cisco SG-300 52 port manageable switches

1-    IP Cameras-

2-    IP Phones- Stream IP Phones)

3-    PCs and server -

They want to use port of Fortigate as switch also ,

so I configure 4-4 port for each network ,

with no DHCP for IP Cameras & IP Phones network.

PC network using DHCP but they want IP Phone also to be DHCP .

This my problem area , how to configure  2 DHCP network and tell IP Phone  to take Specific IP Network only .

There is any specific setup in Fortigate to this or I have to do from cisco switch.

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You need to use vlan at least for 2- phone subnet to separate the broadcast domain for phones. Then you need to have tagged connection/trunk ports between the FG and SG300. You can either tagged or set access ports on the phone side at the SG depending on the phone's vlan capability.

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